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Solatio.co.uk is a division of Deluxe Footwear Limited, which is a small British company specialising in footwear design and resourcing. We are based in Northamptonshire, the heart of UK footwear shoemaking, and where the original Solatio shoes were manufactured in the seventies. As owner of the company, in 2011 we embarked on a mission to bring back the Solatio brand with as much authenticity as possible.

This has required a very good memory, practical shoe-making knowledge, quite a bit of research, good manufacturing contacts, and not least, help and encouragement from a generation of Solatio wearers keen to have the brand available once more.

Fortunately we have the ideal manufacturing contacts in Italy who have kindly worked with us to reproduce the styles faithful to their original character and build.

The response to the relaunched shoes has been very positive. Much of the feedback suggests that the shoes are quite a sentimental purchase for many which is great to know. This is the reason we have used the line ‘prepare for an emotional reunion’ on our homepage.

It’s good to be selling a product which can evoke feelings beyond the satisfaction of the buying for purely practical reasons. We too have a great affection for these shoes which means that we will work hard to keep the brand authentic and strong. You can expect us to continue this wave of nostalgia with further style releases, more size and colour options, and ladies versions as the brand grows.

Enjoy your Solatios

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Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to our business.

We attempt to supply the very best possible product at fair prices and in an efficient manner. Please contact us through our Contact Us page for any queries, suggestions or complaints. We will reply to you as promptly as possible during working hours.


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